Tuesday, May 17, 2005


What in the world was Newsweek thinking about. The media has pushed its agenda to the hilt of riot and religious jihad. Now that blood has been shed based on a lie, what repercussions will they face? Absolutely none. They have to prove that we- America are imperialist. They have to prove that George Bush is the "anti-christ". They have to prove that we think our country is better than everyone else. At what expense? The blood of the men and women that insulate their skyscrapers. Does the need to be praised for denouncing the war motivate them to constantly produce articles about Abu Grab and Guantanamo Bay, equating them, our soldiers, to the beheaders and plane-flying-into-building terrorist. Give me a break.
What do these Kerryites need to see to realize that there is no reasoning with a violent martyr. The best way to handle them is by salvation in Christ, first, or the alternative---get them off the streets. We can not afford to lose the values that make this country great. Newsweek ought to close the doors of their publication as a response of true remorse and regret for the lives lost by their lies. We owe them nothing but a deaf ear. Read their Week Apology here. Okay, we need to be forgiving and not shut them down, but, my goodness why won't they accept responsiblity. Only when someone thinks they are entitled to your stuff do they not take responsibilty

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

It amazes me that our farming industry is suffering the woes we've heard about lately. Their subsidies are "drying up", and they are crying out for replenishing. That's hard to believe. Somehow, somewhere, poor planning has caught up with them. As long as this earth remains there will be seed time and harvest.(Check it out in the book of Genesis.) Sowing and reaping is a guaranteed principle. If so, farmers should be rich!
Right now I am at a stale mate because I failed to have a work schedule plan. What am I to do? Get to work. Knock on doors. Make the phone calls. Follow up on the lead. Make no excuses. Trust God. Expect for the best.
In all this I believe I have been sowing. Sowing gifts, conversations, referrals, free consultation, and free services. So, after the dust settles, I will have an opportunity infront of me. That's the greatest benefit of the law.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Appreciating God's Ability

It is a beautiful morning here in Charlotte, NC. We have the Wachovia golf tourney on the South side of town, there is excitement in the air because Tiger is in town. But I believe I will opt to be excited about some thing else. This morning I am going to work. In my mind a plan is being layed out for my travel, material schedules, contact list and the money I hope to collect at the end of the day. The feelings associated with this overwhelm me at times, but in spite of the things that may not go as planned, I feel grateful.
Somewhere else, today, in this very city, there is an entitled bandit sitting at home with no intention of even going outside. The first of the month has roled on through, that check that enables their habit has already been spent, and they are waiting on the next hand-out. It's frustrating. God has given us all the skills and talents that we need to reproduce income for our families. With as many options as our counrty offers there are no excuses for the able-bodied. Yet, we find our economy under the strain of supporting those who place the least amount into the system.
With all of the blah blah blah that we hear from the Left side of the fence about our deficits and shortfalls, I can't recall - I don't listen to them much anyway, any of them discussing the overwhelming costs of providing for those who are taking advantage of the welfare policies. In our city, two nights ago, our city manager asked for an increase in the property tax rate for the cost of increasing the police force and repairing some more roads. And the base of their premise was, our property taxes had not been raised in over 18 years. What hog wash! As I listened to the political gurus on our local talk radio they all sounded out the same thing------Quit spinning the truth! You have been raising property taxes the whole time by raising the value of our properties as your spending habits deemed necessary.
I believe they should send some people back to work by cutting off their stipen of unearned income. Make it a requirement, a stricter requirement, for those that are rewarded for not putting into the system that theyahve become dependent on. I appreciate the ability given to me to think, to work, and to seek out new methods for supporting my family. What I have a problem with is the lazy and the deliberate derelict who wants nothing more for themselves than the hard earned wages of someone else.